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motion blur on render instances


Please have a look at the attached picture which show the kind of problem with corona object motion blur on render instances.

Hi there, Can you supply us with this scene or a sample scene that also demonstrates this issue? Our private uploader is linked in my signature below. Thanks ;)

Sorry for the late feedback.

The moving object is a screw on which the thread edges are rounded by Bevel modifier. I was able to fix the problem in the scene by merging the Bevel modifier with the object via "current state to object". After that the problem did not occur again.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to pass on the scene. I tried to recreate the problem in a new scene, but I didn't succeed.

The whole thing is very mysterious to me. But the work has to go on now. If the problem occurs again, I'll write here again.

Thank you very much for taking the time.


If you can't share the scene (which is understandable of course), maybe you could remove all the objects except for the screw? Maybe the issue would still persist then. Thanks for reporting!


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