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[BUG] Layer Shader in the bump slot is broken with Corona Bitmap.


Hi Guys,

C4D Version 20
Corona 3 Hotfix 1

Working on a shader for a project and I encountered the following issue:

- When I plug a Corona Bitmap of a fabric texture in the bump slot, the bump properly works and I get a nice fabric texture.
- When I then click the arrow next to "Bitmap" and select "Layer" (Layer node), the bump instantly stops working.

This does however *NOT* happen when I do the above with a standard C4D bitmap. With a standard C4D bitmap everything works as expected.

When I create a layer node as a base in the bump and then plug in a Corona Bitmap it also does not work. If I instead plug in a standard C4D bitmap it does work again.



It seems there are also problems with Corona Bitmap and the Layer node when trying to build a displacement shader.
Again, Corona Bitmap makes a mess while the standard C4D Bitmap works perfectly fine.


Hi there, Thanks for the info. We have already acknowledged this one and have it listed in our internal tracker. ;)


Awesome, good to know it's being worked on :)


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