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With this light equipment you get the possibility to create a perfect illumination for your scenes. The lights we create are the basic equipment of every lighting technician in the world of movies. Take your time and try out what you can achieve with these lights.

At this point you can obtain the lights shown. Your IKALU team wishes you lots of fun and joy.

Tube lights are essential as the perfect basis for realistic illumination.
So that you can integrate them quickly and easily, we have provided a tutorial and a data set for you.

Link for the model

best regards your Ikalu team

A modern lighting solution that is very common is the ring light.
In order to be able to simulate this, we have created a video for you on the application and made the suitable model available for download.

Link for the model:

best regards your Ikalu team

For professional lighting you need good light sources.
In order to come as close as possible to reality, these should be inserted as objects.

So that you have a good basis, we have provided a softbox for you.

Depth of Field for your perfect renderings.

best regards your Ikalu team

A very useful tool in creating good surfaces is the Layered Material.
Here you can see a video with an explanation of the creation.
Of course in German.

best regards your Ikalu team

Here you can watch a German tutorial on using spotlights in Corona Render.

Corona Render für Cinema4D - LightKit - Spotlicht

You can find the right link to download the lamp in the description or directly here (

best regards your Ikalu team

Hi. We are a designer team and produce tutorials for Cinema 4D in German.

It is a pleasure for us if you follow our posts and leave a comment.

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