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Hardware / Re: Corona - Titan black SLI or Titan Z?
« on: 2014-07-01, 17:45:09 »
I made the same configuration on january for about 2000€ with a gtx 770.

First add an SSD just for programs, not for data, a Samsung 840, yes, but not 1tb, just 240gb is fine and it is quite affordable.
Corsair AX1200i is way too much. Grab a 850w Corsair PSU, even on OC you will not need 1200w. Make sure the PSU is 80plus certified.
I tend not to use a single huge hard disk for the data, I prefer RAID configuration, less space, but more safe.

I overclocked the 4930k @4.4ghz with the same motherboard and cpu cooler,but I'm sure I can squeeze something more with a little bit of optimization.

I would wait till september when new LGA-2011-3 (Haswell-E) CPUs will be released, like the 5930k.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Grand Prix Dinner Chair scene
« on: 2014-06-06, 08:24:19 »
Nice image, but the material you choose for the floor is not appropriate. Why put wood planks on top of slab to cure it? It could be prefabricated, cured vertically and placed horizontally. I know it's from a photo reference, but it's weird :)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: True GI: Corona vs V-Ray 3.0
« on: 2014-02-07, 09:26:54 »
Don't know if Brute Force has been changed with the new version, but assume that 25 bounces are the same as 25 PT is total a mistake.
Brute Force's subds are totally depending on how you are setting the DMC. If you don't optimize the DMC this test is useless.
You can say that vray is longer than Corona in setting correct values, but you cannot compare speed in the way you made.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Alpha4 Benchmark scene
« on: 2014-02-07, 00:55:48 »
Overclocked the CPU right now and I gained almost one minute

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz
Time: 0:5:51, Rays/s: 3,619,599

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 4.30GHz
Time: 0:4:48, Rays/s: 4,409,147

Is possible an element wich include direct lighting for every light/group of lights? (yes, something like vrayLightSelect element) It could be very useful for partially re-light the image without re-render everything.

Gallery / Re: exhibition stands
« on: 2013-09-18, 08:52:44 »
Unfortunately, this is weak works, do not reveal the full picture of ownership renderer.

Are you saying that exhibition stands are not eligible to be rendered with Corona?

Porting and API / Re: Corona for 1 additional software
« on: 2013-04-24, 16:28:07 »
I choose Modo for:
-I think  the most popular render engine for modo at the moment is it's internal render engine; on the contrary cinema4d has a wide range of vray user, an implementation of mental ray an all other package (modo too) like maxwell and arion
-modo is cheaper then cinema4d and has everything in one version not prime/broadcast/visualization/studio...I heard someone saying that the price will increase, but at the moment is cheaper, maybe in the future there will be time for other implementation like cinema
-modo doesn't need thousand of third party plugins, for example scatter proxy, that cause a change in the corona code.
-modo has connection with nuke (!!!!)

My first thoughts....

News / Re: IES lights added
« on: 2013-04-08, 14:36:16 »
try HD cache for secondary solver

It was my first try: better but extremely long render times. 9 hrs [estimated] for clean reflections in a 2k render, there's something to investigate. Don't know if it's a IES light or Corona issue.

I didn't noticed at first sight, but what ecximer said is true and abnormal

News / Re: IES lights added
« on: 2013-04-08, 12:10:26 »
Well, while I was rendering a test image with IES lights, suddenly max shut down. It was after 2 o 3 hours of testing and I didn't change anything in particular to cause an error. I can't know which error cause the shut down. Opening an autoback I got huge IES web in viewport: I had 2 standard corona rectangular lights with no IES and opening the autoback the IES file was added to this lights.

While choosing IES file I get weird results like a totally white render, even at super low multiplier. I know these file are right because with other render engine they render normally.

I also noticed that get clean reflective material is really really difficult with CoronaLights. I let render a region to a quite high render pass to see if I can get out of noise, but even at pass 1725 after 6,5 minutes it's not clean, with some rough math it means that to render a 1280x720 I have to wait for about 2,38 hours, and for an image twice bigger about 9,5 hours. Render settings are almost the default, PT+PT 4 samples and lights samples multiplier at 10, last build.

News / Re: IES lights added
« on: 2013-04-07, 11:59:15 »
I was waiting for this! I'll try as soon as I can! Thank you

save to .hdr or .exr

I think exr is not saving properly at the moment

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Alpha4 Benchmark scene
« on: 2013-03-18, 15:39:24 »
Corona Renderer Alpha 4 benchmark scene
 Living room 100 passes
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz
Time: 0:5:51, Rays/s: 3,619,599

Can't understand why there is a such significant difference in time between same CPU like the 2600k not OC.

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: Skylight Portals
« on: 2013-03-12, 11:39:52 »
Aaaaaahhhh, i thought it would be checkbox in the CoronaLight (like in vray), thanks guys :)

Me too, 4 minutes of panic ;)

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Re: Skylight Portals
« on: 2013-03-12, 10:41:49 »
Just tested skyportals in a small windows configuration. Both images have 20 passes and the image with portals is much cleaner with few seconds more of calculations.
PT+PT 16 samples

News / Re: Camera clipping added
« on: 2013-03-03, 21:13:04 »
Thank you, thank you, thank you, really, sincerely, truly, madly, deeply, thank you.

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