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Gallery / Wine bottle
« on: 2012-11-15, 19:10:14 »
Hello everyone,
I made a studio render of a bottle of wine (family little production) to test glass and liquid materials and dof. I tried displacement but it crashed very often.
Every corona rectangular light is combined with a translucent panel to blur the edges, as there's no possibility to put a texture in the lights.
The render took 25 minutes.

Hope you like it, bye.

Gallery / Theatre in Barcelona
« on: 2012-11-10, 13:57:40 »
Finally I'm posting here the final renders of this project.
The exterior renders took about 2 hours to converge to a acceptable quality, the interiors took about 10 hours to reach the 120 passes (I let all night, maybe it was good few hours before).
Everything rendered at 2400 as maximum side.
From this production experience I was quite impressed how Corona is fast especially with such amount of glossy reflections everywhere.

Edit: wrong images attached...

Work in Progress/Tests / [WIP] Theatre/ learning Corona
« on: 2012-10-29, 18:28:11 »
Hi Coronauts,
I'm working on a theatre for a friend's last year university project. It came just in time for trying this wonderful renderer! Usually I use vray as my renderer of choice, but some details and materials in this project bring me the idea that Corona will handle this better than vray.
The main hard work for vray could be the ceiling: there are series of rectangular extruded profile that light cache and irradiance map will go crazy to calculate. There are also a lot of blurry reflection and some indirect lights.
At this moment I build the main structure and some furniture (the bookshop on the right), I have to fill the foyer with people (the models in the render are just placeholders) and objects like banners, chairs, actors...
"Secondary ceiling lights" are not defined yet, they will come soon. Exterior light is Corona sky for the environment and a Corona sun set at low altitude to simulate a late summer afternoon.
There will be interior and exterior renders.

Meanwhile I'm trying to understand/optimize render settings. I used PT+HC cache as suggested in the tutorials and in the forum, but some settings are still a mistery. I read and re-read the online documentation, I'm sure that with practice everything will become more familiar.

The big question now is how to reduce all that noise in the fartest part, the wall at the end of the foyer. The material is the same concrete on the left, but it is unrecognizable. The nearest part has low noise level (due to a big opening behind the camera...), but the fartest part show high amount of noise (there's a big opening on the left). Another thing that left me astonished is that the low glossiness metal is noise free. I think that the noise on the fartest part of the foyer is carried by the light samples (!??). Obviously every glass is single plane with single sided glass material. I reached pass 41, but at pass 25/30 the render was the same. I think that if I let render few hours more the noise will reduce, but maybe there are some settings totally wrong due to my inexperience.

I'm still working on this scene, I will post updates soon. Bye!

[Max] Resolved Bugs / error creating file output
« on: 2012-10-24, 12:46:29 »
I've got this error just after hit the render button from the top bar or in the render settings dialog, but everything works fine is I press F9. Same thing if I press the "render!" button in the VFB.
Started working few minutes on a huge vray scene, converted with the script in max 2012, then after doing some test renders and modify objects/lights/materials the error appear. First time appear after changing the environment in the render dialog, then I loaded an autobackup, second time after editing some geometries.


Don't know if it could be implemented like maxwell/fryrender/etc...
Multipliers divided per group light in the post processing tab or a tab integrated in the VFB

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