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[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Render region
« on: 2013-04-10, 17:19:45 »
Hi. I think the corona framebuffer needs a button for activate and set the region to render. Personally I would like something quick and simple like the region button on the vray framebuffer. Thank you!

Any plans to support the Autodesk Materials? (which I think they are arch&design under the hood)
You mean those mysterious Pro-Materials? Funny thing: I don't have them here, maybe I did not install them. Currently there are no plans to do these but I will have a look at what-these-things are and decide after that ;).

Yes. Because I'm so lazy I sometimes use the materials from the "autodesk material library". I think it came from max 2011, when the Slate Material editor was included. Later I regret not making my own Arch&Des material...

No, thank YOU! Great work!

Any plans to support the Autodesk Materials? (which I think they are arch&design under the hood)

Not nested. Just 1 multi/sub with only 1 material (arch&design).

Edit: Image attached. The script doesn't convert that arch&design.

Got it. The script doesn't work if the multi/sub has only one material.

I attached a before-after image below. Did you mean something else?

Nop. That is what I did, but the script missed the materials nested in the second multi/sub. I solved it by removing the nested multi/sub and choosing one of the arch&design materials, and only after doing that the script saw those materials.

I will try to reproduce the bug and will try to give some more info about it.


Ok, I'll have a look at it, but I'm still curios ;)

I don't like 3dsmax scene states. Sometimes, doing architectural work, I have to make different versions of the materials. I use a multi/subObject and then, on the modifier stack I add a 'material' modifier. Very easy to change from one material to another. If is only a part of the mesh what changes materials, then I have a multi inside another multi. (I know everyone is going to say there are betters workflows, but I'm quite happy with that one)

Hi. First all, congratulations for your great work with this script. I have tried it with arch&design materials and work great!

I have found a bug:

The script doesn't take care of the mutli/subObject materials INSIDE other multi/subObjet material.

(I hope this is the right place to post this)

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Alpha4 Benchmark scene
« on: 2013-03-18, 13:41:18 »
Corona Renderer Alpha 4 benchmark scene
Living Room 100 passes
AMD FX(tm)-8120 Eight-Core Processor
Time: 0:12:7, Rays/s: 1,749,293

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