Author Topic: Chaos Corona 8 (Hotfix 1) released, for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D  (Read 4319 times)

2022-06-14, 13:20:21


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We're pleased to announce the release of Chaos Corona 8 Hotfix 1 for both applications, details are below.
Download now:

Chaos Corona 8 for Cinema 4D (Hotfix 1)
This release brings compatibility with Cinema 4D R26/S26, and the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem with Avoid collisions in Chaos Scatter not working with Decals
  • Fixed import of some Cosmos materials on macOS
  • Fixed problem with missing close button in About dialog in S22 on macOS
  • Fixed crash when using Cosmos on macOS when both Corona and V-Ray are installed
  • Fixed crash when using search in Cosmos browser on macOS (this was changed on server side)
General Bugfixes
  • Fixed errors reported in command line version of Cinema 4D when loading Corona
  • Fixed issues when using ColorPicker in Corona VFB with linear percent value types
  • Fixed issues (Non-Standard Format error) when loading different types of LUTs
  • Cosmos materials are now imported with correct scale when using triplanar mapping
  • Fixed problems with importing Cosmos objects when path to assets download directory contains localized characters
  • Fixed normal map evaluation on Corona Proxy
  • Fixed flipped "Offset V" when using Corona bitmap with UVW mapping on Corona decal
  • Partially fixed problem where switching from viewport camera to Corona camera could reset camera tone mapping pipeline

Chaos Corona 8 for 3ds Max (Hotfix 1)
This release contains the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where using Unpack option of the installer from network drive did not unpack Scatter
Tone mapping
  • Fixed UI delay issue when using tone mapping in Camera with operator-animated keys
  • Fixed issue where right-clicking at the numerical value of spinbox led to reset of the value
  • Fixed issue where resetting opacity of LUT could reset selected LUT file
  • Fixed issues (Non-Standard Format error) when loading different types of LUTs
  • Tone mapping pipeline is now created in every scene, without need to interact with it first, allowing users to access it from MAXScript
  • Updated Cosmos service shipped with Corona installer
  • Fixed issues when using ColorPicker with linear percent value types
  • Fixed crash when changing 3ds max 2023 theme
  • Fixed issue where switching the renderers can crash after loading saved custom defaults
  • Fixed issue where user can't import models from Cosmos when download folder contains non-ascii characters
  • Fixed tyFlow crash when the input mesh is empty
  • Fixed color temperature gamma issues in Color Picker
  • Fixed issue where clicking on temperature or albedo in Color Picker without changing their values would change the color
  • Fix of issue with Color picker, when albedo and color temperature were changing even though they did not change
  • Color Picker, fixed changing of values when clicking on spinbox value boxes
  • Color Picker, fixed changing of color palette position when clicking into spinbox value boxes
  • Fixed Corona objects (Light) being broken in some specific scenes where 3dsmax does not provide version information for an unknown reason
  • Clicking "None" in IES rollout of CoronaLight now correctly opens the corona IES folder
  • Fixed crash when expanding track view of camera with animated tone mappping override
  • Fixed, Distance Map doesn't update when rendering a sequence
  • Added support for Phoenix 5

Download now:
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