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Aberrations in reflections of phisical metal gold material

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I have encountered this problem with Corona render, if there are several objects close together or an object that almost intersects and you use the physics trying to reproduce gold as a metal a sort of chromatic aberration occurs on the multi-reflection, basically it creates a strong iridescent red that I don't know how it is possible to eliminate. I created this test object, but it does the same if you put three spheres together for example, or anything that creates multiple levels of reflection on surfaces. Do you have any ideas?

James Vella:
Metals are highly reflective, so why dont you just render the object without other objects near it? Use render passes or similar?

I only put in an example, in my case it is a gold jewel that has these 'anomalies' by having many intersections... a rendering engine like Corona should reproduce a correspondence with the physical reality of the materials, but maybe I am doing something wrong.

What exactly are you going for? Do you have any references images you can share? There are many types of gold finishes. If it's polished, then yes, it will reflect back on itself. It works like this in the real world too.

If you're talking about the color of the reflections, may want to check into tone mapping - the reflections are likely quite bright, and so things like the ACES OT being on or off could make a difference here, as could other things that affect highlight clamping.


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