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Depth of Field Highlights Solver playground!

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Not really a daily build feature, since Corona 10 is already released, but we didn't have a dedicated playground thread for this, and we are super curious about your results, so here it is!

If you are rendering a scene where highlights are blurred due to depth of field (distant city lights, interior lighting, reflective/refractive objects), you can enable the new DOF Highlights Solver to get faster rendering.

You will find the checkbox in Render Settings > Corona > Performance settings. You don't have to change the Budget and Reprojection values as the defaults work well (but you are welcome to test them if you wish!).

You also need a camera with depth of field enabled.

Example 1 - Same render time - Click to open interactive comparison

Example 2 -Same render time - Click to open interactive comparison

You can learn more about the new Highlights Solver and DOF in general at:
- Corona Help Center
- Corona Documentation


my scene is extreme bright when i enable the new highlight solver
i have two sky objects (first only visible directly, second only reflect, frfract and Gi) the sceneis loaded within a xref object
any ideas?

Sorry, but I am not sure what is going on there. Could you please attach a sample scene here or at

hello here a test scene,
it seems to be related to bloom & glare, a refractive material and or a self illuminated material, test the scene once without and with the highlight solver and leave both rendering bllom and glare on

Hi there, are you using the viewport IR for this? Does it happen if you run a default or final render?


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