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Hi all,

In Corona 10 daily builds we introduce the Corona Lister for C4D. Here are just some of its features:
- Separate tabs for Camera's, Lights, and, Proxies. More coming soon.
- Easily adjust multiple parameters in Lights, Proxies or a Camera's focal length, FOV or enable/disable DOF for example.
- You can rename items if need be.
- You can hide and unhide columns.
- Columns can be customized to your liking.
Note #1: We are aware that the UI might need some more polishing.
Note #2: We already have some further improvements on our TODOs, so stay tuned for updates!

We are curious about your feedback: Is everything working as expected? Would you like to see some improvements in the UI and functionality? Is this something you will be commonly using in your projects?

Thanks in advance and happy listing! ;)

New in RC2 daily build:

- Chaos Scatter tab added
- Corona Light material can now be added to the Lights tab
- Displacement tab added for Corona materials

Haven't tried this yet, but am wondering exactly what it is. Is this a place to drop frequently used items and be able to access the settings all in one place? Something like that?

Nope, it's a place to see all things in the scene that are of one type in one place, and adjust the most commonly adjusted settings etc. So you get to see all lights in a scene (lights, light materials, suns, skies), all displacement from all materials in the scene, all cameras in the scene, and so forth. Saves you hunting through the scene explorer to find them all, and let's you do things like turn off all displacement for testing (well, displacement materials), or check the settings of one light against another and then adjust, or see all scatters and change the display mode of each or turn some on and off, and so on and so forth.

(So you were almost right, only you don't pick what it shows, it finds and shows everything in the category for that tab automatically)

Oh nice. That does sound very hand indeed. Thanks for the info.


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