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A new feature added!!! Scattering on scatters now allows you to scatter objects on top of existing scatters!

Give it a go with the latest daily build and share your results here!

Here are some of ours :)

Here's a quick setup.
1. Create a Chaos Scatter as you would normally, add your object to be distributed on and your scattering object. (See left Attributes image below)
2. Create another Chaos Scatter and add the first Chaos scatter to the ''Distribute On'' field and add your next scattering object. (See right Attributes image below)

nice but wont work for me or did i something wrong?
latest daily, r21

We'd need to see a screengrab of your scene setup, to ensure you have set everything up correctly (or the scene itself).

Hey TomG,
scene is attached above =)

Hi Tuami,

Your setup is correct and you haven't done anything wrong. :) Unfortunately, there is a bug and it isn't working as expected in pre R23 releases of Cinema. We have this logged.
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