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Need help creating carbon material


Hi all!

I cannot get any good results creating a carbon fiber material.

I tried several map sets from f.e. What I am missing is this depth in the material. My RL sample looks so 3 dimensional, almost like an optical illusion.

I use normal maps, anisotropic rotation and clearcoat layer, but I am not satisfied with any result.

The VRScan carbon material does not work since I have no UVs on my model

Any suggestions?

There are three carbon fiber materials in the Corona Materials Library that look decent.

When you say the VRScans don't work, how do you mean? The image I posted here is a simple PRIMITIVE cube with rounding, NO UVs and it works. It is set to default UVW Projecting, but looks the same with Cubic as well. The carbon fiber VRScan on the right is scaled down the Tiling Scale setting in the material itself.

I have tried them on purchased models that didn't have good UVs and it was crazy what it renders. I was able to get it to work by deleting the old UVW tags and things worked fine. I am NOT good with UVs at all, so i always take the simple way around issues like these.

I'm guessing there are better ways to handle this stuff.


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