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Art on soda can material question


Hi — There are some good metallic base materials in the General material presets. I have some White artwork on a metallic soda and am not getting a good result just fiddling with it. Where would I put my UV'd bitmap artwork as a rule of thumb? Base later Texture channel? On Octane it goes in the specular (according to a video I've just seen), but I realise they approach things differently. Thanks

Legacy material or Physical material?

Are you stacking materials. using layered material or trying to do it in a single material? 

The route depends on the method. But basically the painted metal areas should be just a bit metallic. You can achieve this by reducing the amount on the metalness slider in Physical or tweaking the IOR in Legacy (in which case you'd also need some of the label color in the reflection colour channel)

Physical materials all the way. I think I'll try to stack them, as I am not getting quite the right balance of reflective metal on the top of the can, and the more matt white on the artwork. My art is in the Base layer, that's the right place to put it isn't it?

If you want to make it in a single material you ll need to make a mask to put in the metalness slot (less metal in the type area by making it grey). Indeed, stacking or using layered material will give more control.


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