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C4D Thinfilm doesn't work anymore with Corona

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Hello guys,

To make the carpaint of the car in the picture attached I used the C4D Thinfilm texture in a corona 7 shader. It works very well to simulate the real carpaint used on this concept car and very simple to make.
But since the version 8 of Corona, the C4D Thinfilm doesn't react in a same way. Same issue with Corona 9, and I must to reinstall Corona 7 to make new pictures to have the good shader.

Any idea or solution to have the good carpaint with Corona 9 ?

Thank you very much.

Did you try using legacy material?


--- Quote from: HVB on 2022-11-18, 16:19:07 ---Did you try using legacy material?

--- End quote ---

It was a legacy material. Same issue with physical.

Any advice guys ? Chaos guys ?

Hi there, there does seem to be an issue with the Thin Film shader. If it's not reported already, I will do so. I was having a look at some options and these are my workarounds so far.

1. Scanned material: 555f00prism

2. A Layered mat with the edge colour bumped up and fresnel

3. A layered with a Legacy mat & Fresnel IOR cranked to 999, Glossiness at 69% & a fresnel shader in the the colour texture slot of the reflection channel.


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