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Caustics multi pass not cleaning


Hi, everyone!
Im having a bit of a problem with the caustics.

The scene is a top view animation of a pool, used hot4D to animate the water and a basic water material with volumetrics and caustics.
But it was taking a lot to render (almost 2h per frame), so a started adjusting an checking what could be the problem.

Turning the volumetrics and caustics (slow - the one in the material) off, leaving just the fast caustics from preference settings, reduced the time to 15min and created a ok effect in the water (i´ll overlay it in premiere later to bring the color back).
The problem now is that the multipass of the caustics is not cleaning properly, even with a 3% of noise. Some areas it cleans, others it dosent.
Does someone knows what i could do to fix it?

Attached the multipasses of before and after adjusting the material.

(also submitted as a support ticket, handled by our team - #66827)


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