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Bevel of Parametric Frame - how to get for inside edges


Dear Colleagues,

Appologies for a most likely dummy question

I am trying to create parametric frame using Cube and Boole.
It works well for outside edges.
But I am only able to achieve Bevel on the outside edges.
Is there an easy way to do it?

I have attached the file with object.

Many thanks for any possible hint.


To my knowledge, the only way is to convert to mesh. Once there, you can select the non-bevelled edges, store selection and add a new Bevel deformer. You can use the stored selection take to limit the new bevels to the remaining sharp edges.

Hi BigAl3D,

Thank you for a quick hint

Yes, it worked very well with Volume Builder and Volume Mesher.

With Voxel size of 0.1 cm it actually comes out smoothly enough without the need for Bevel.

Trade off is that it is about 156 K polygons..
Trying to increase Voxel size, but this destroys the shape of object. So almost home...

Have a nice weekend.

Nejc Kilar:
Try throwing that entire setup in a Remesher generator, I think it could do the trick. Otherwise maybe try playing with the adaptivity in the Volume Mesher, setting it to 1% is typically more than enough.


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