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Help using 'Distributed Render' with C4D Team Render Queue

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I have two Windows workstations (16+56 cores) that I use for work and rendering. Until now I have just opened my scene on the 2nd workstation (PC2, the faster one) and done my highres renders there, but then my license isn't working on PC1 of course.. So now I want to make use of the Node Rendering (Distributed Render) instead, so that I can continue working on other scenes on PC1, while PC2 is rendering (as a node).

I've found out that using the Render Queue in C4D + Team Render is the best solution, since this doesn't need the 'Picture Viewer' during rendering (any better solutions are more thean welcome!). When I un-check "PC1" (the host) from rendering, then my node (PC2) renders alone and I can continue my work and render other scenes on PC1. This is what I want.

What I've noticed though, is that if I use the above technique (Render Queue+Team Render on 1 node), then a highres render took me almost 2 hours to finish.. If I open the same scene in C4D instead — directly on PC2 (the node) — and render from C4D to Picture Viewer.. then the exact same render took me almost 1 hour to finish. So my render takes almost double time when using node rendering. Shouldn't the node rendering (distributed rendering) render at the same speed as if I start the render from inside Cinema 4D directly?

Attached are some screenshots from my setup. What does the setting "Fetch Assets Always from Server" do? (this was unchecked when rendering was slow)

The screenshot from the 'Console' window says "Peer-To-Peer Asset Distribution was disabled because its overridden by the local preferences". What does this mean?

Any help or tips on how to speed up Distributed Render in Cinema 4D would be greatly appreciated.

I'd try modifying the Corona TR settings, which determine how often the client sends results to the machine overseeing the network rendering. Swap to arbitrated (experimental), and then some experimentation may be required for both how often data is sent, and how large the chunk is. There's no formula unfortunately, mostly the larger the resolution you are rendering to, then less often and larger is better.

You might try something like every 20s, 256 size for the chunks. I also forget whether this only affects TR to PV rather than through the webserver approach (devs will be able to say more), but this was the only thing I remember that could cause TR to be slower than local on the same machine. Hope it helps!


Hi there.
Regarding the use of Team Render for distributed rendering, you can do the following:
Note: Please consider that Team Render is provided and developed by Maxon (creators of Cinema4D)
I'll suggest using the Team Render Server (web or browser interface)
The workflow will be:
1. On your PC 1, save your scene as usual. (Note: make sure all of your assets are in the "tex" folder)
2. On your PC 1, open the Team Render Server, and once there, open the web/browser interface
3. On your PC 2, open the Team Render Client
4. On the Team Render Server (on PC 1), define the repository folder (where Team Render will look for scene files)
5. Now, copy/move your scene project to the repository folder (you can even use the "Save project with assets" option, but always make sure the copy of your project works ok and all assets are loaded correctly)
6. From the Team Render Server you'll be able to start/stop, and manage the distributed render jobs and monitor the nodes in charge of the rendering process.
This way your PC 2 will use a Corona Render Node, allowing you to continue working on a separate/different project on your PC 1.
Note: This workflow is useful if you have additional Render Node licenses.
To learn more about the use of the Team Render Server (web/browser interface), please visit either the Cinema4D help portal or the following link:

I hope this helps.

Hi Tom and Benjamin,

Thanks for your suggestions. I will try the experimental mode, see if I can come up with something there.

I will try Team Render server also, but I’d prefer using the Team Render queue functionality built-in Cinema 4D, since I don’t need to copy any files or textures around. Team Render queue finds my textures in my original project folder.

The Team Render queue also uses my Node Render license, so it works as I like. The problem I experience is just the slower render speed. If it is possible to reach the same render speed compared to ‘Render to Picture Viewer’ within C4D then everything would be perfect.. but maybe the experimental mode is the thing then.

Any other tips are welcome!

Hi again,

I've now tried to use the Team Render Server. This works, but I guess you'd need a 3rd computer that runs as the Server. Team Render Server uses lots of CPU-power from my host computer, so it's not possible to work with other projects while rendering on a node.

So, so far I'd recommend to use the Team Render Queue instead (from C4D host computer), since this allows me to continue working on my host computer while rendering on a node. I'd just like to find out how to make it render as fast using Team Render, as if I'm rendering directly to C4D Picture Viewer.

@Tom — Where do I find those experimental settings you mentioned? Are those in Team Render Client or on the Team Render Host?


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