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Hi, there seems to be an issue with color or tone mapping between Corona VFB and Picture Viewer in the 2023 release.
The images in Picture Viewer look more bright and more saturated. See the attachment.


Hi, do you have any post-processing activating in the Picture Viewer? The image from the VFB is copied to the PV so in theory, they should be exactly the same. From a quick test here I'm getting exactly the same result.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
No, I didn't have any post-processing filter activated. I tried with another basic scene and the issue is still there in v9. I'm on an M1 Mac, if this could matter.
Attached are the renders from the 2 versions of C4D: R26 corona v8, and 2023 corona v9. And the test file.


This may be a macOS thing, I'm not entirely sure. Your test scene is the same for me in both the PV & VFB.

I noticed the same issue. The difference is rather big. I am on a Mac Studio C4D 2023 & v9 daily build.
Also rendering Lightmix settings, the CR lights don't not show up in the C4D picture viewer.

Saving all dims the channels for CR lights. I get the sky and sun but the CR lights are all black.


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