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multishader randomize each tile of a texture

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hey everyone,

i was wondering if there is a way how to use the very powerful functionality of the multishader on the tiles of a material.
similar as with the uvw randomizer.
let's say you have a texture of one single concrete tile and you want to rotate it randomly and als slightly change color/reflexion of each tile.
rotating and flipping is no problem with uvw randomizer. but how can i change the gamma or something randomly? the multishader does not provide this option.

thanks for any ideas ;)

Are you sure the Multishader doesn't have random gamma controls?

Hey Beanzvision,

thanks for your reply. Sorry for my confused request, it was to late prbably to write something clear :)

Sure it has that feature. I'm using it daily! 😜
But what I'm looking for is the "Randomize each tile" checkbox there, same as in the "UVW Randomizer Shader"
So I can influence the Gamma (or anything else) by each tile of the texture.

Or is there maybe any workaround for this yet?


Does changing the seed help?

How would that help, when there is no option to tick randomize each tile? :)

OK maybe it's still a bit unclear what I want to achieve.
1. lets say you have an image of one tile. (first image attached)
2. you map it onto an object, repeated in U and V direction. (second attached image)
3. now every tile looks the same. (with uvw randomizer i could rotate or offset each of the tiles randomly, effected by an initial seed factor.)
4. but what I am missing is the option to colorize each en every single tile randomly. (third attached image)

I know that for this example I could use photoshop, to let's say make a map like the third image attached and then use the uvw randomizer to offset the texture by the fraction of the rows and lines.
But this example is just a simple one to show what i mean. In reality i have very complex shader structures in my material which i can't achieve by the photoshop workaround.
Is it  a bit more clear what i want to do?



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