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How to properly light the inside of this project?


E Salas:
Hey guys, I'm basically fixing the light of the inside of this house. I wanted to learn the "proper" way to light the interior while placing the camera on the exterior.
For the time being I basically have too much contrast, and the inside is way too dark.

Best way is to treat this as if you were a photographer (who would have the same challenge), and this would mean something like either setting up extra lighting in the interior, or taking multiple exposures and combining in post, or some curves or LUTs may also work to some degree so that you only need a single exposure.

I would probably render once, then saving out another shot with a higher exposure value. Then combine them in post. That is, if you want to keep the natural indoor lighting. Otherwise, adding more light sources works as well.

First, choose different time of day. Then set all lights for Light Mixing... and just go with flow ;) Keep tone mapping for finals, as to get it on all images consistently.

Having a beautiful lit interior midday with a bright sun is unrealistic. The power of the sun will dim the much less powerful lightfixtures inside unless you have a huge roof light. Sometimes in case I have a roof light I add a light area just above the roof light to get more light in.
But as an architectural photographer, if you want it to look good and natural, you get a twilight situation with the sun going under rendered. Everything else looks unreal.


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