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Animation noise issue

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Hi guys,

I've been trying everything but can't get rid of this noise when animating it.

It happens even if you leave the object static in the scene.

Any advice on that? I'm pretty sure I'm missing some settings here in order to get it smooth and clean.

Appreciate any help

Hi there,

Can you try changing the GI solver to UHD cache in the general settings and then choose ''Animation flicker-free'' in the secondary GI cache? I would also change the denoiser to ''Corona high quality'' and the output format as .jpg or .png rather than a video format. I hope that helps!


I've already done that, and to be honest, had no difference at all. Have you tested it and it worked for you? That's not a compression file type issue, I guess. You can play the frames in AE and you will end up with the same noise issue.
That's a pretty simple texture and I hope it is not a software limitation.


Appears to be adaptivity issue. Disable it. (Yes, it's an old bug.)

Still can see that fine noise sparkling over, that's very weird.


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