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Team Render - black chunks, long transfer time



when switching from local to team render, is it normal to have the image being built up like in my screenshots?
When rendering local it's very helpful for the workflow to "quickly" see the first impressions.
When rendering via team render it takes some time to finally get the first random chunks. Before the whole image gets the first whole pass, I am always having a big line of random black chunks still remaining at the bottom of the image. Is this just how it works with team render or do I have to change some settings?

Also when the render is done, depending on the render times and probably project size it takes up to 30 minutes or more to get the remaining chunks from the nodes on the local farm.

My team render settings are set to Automatic.
But I have also tried with shorter/longer client update intervals and larger/smaller maximum size of packets.

Is this just how it works with team render or do I have to change some settings?

I am using Corona 8 and C4D R25.

My first question is what computers to you have on your farm? In the not too distant past, I had 12 Macs on my farm. As time went on, I started dumping the older machines since they were getting so slow, it wasn't helping at all. In fact, when the fastest clients finished their rendering, the slow ones had a lock on the remaining tasks and just sat their idle. It sped up my Team Renders signigicantly when I just let all the decently fast Macs (Trashcans, iMac Pro and two PCs-i9 and a server-based with two E5 chips.

Those blocks are mostly likely how Corona divides up the image. Each block is a Core or virtual Core trying to render that section. The packets thing you tried only applies to the transfer of the assets across your network. If you have an old network running on T1 or something, that setting can help.

The Farm consists of 16 nodes. We have some with Xeon E5-2630, Xeon E5-2692 v2 with 16 cores and such.
The only option left to do which the support suggested is turning the firewall and anti virus off, which we did not do yet due to security reasons - obviously.

Not sure what versions those E5s are, but the CPUs are probably not the issue. The old Trashcan Mac Pro had an E5-v2, but a slower version. I have a Windows rack box that has two E5-v4 and they still hold their own.


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