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Frontal reflection on sky stays too shiny on matte materials


I'm including a testscene so you can test, but I'm experiencing too shiny reflections on matte materials when using a frontal mapping on a sky, in the case where I have a seperate reflection object.

To clarify the use in my current project.
I have a building to visualize and received high level drone shots in all directions. So I'm using these drone shots as a background. Because I want the 'correct' reflection in the large glass facade, I'm using a different sky object for only reflections, and using a photo in opposite direction for that. This gives me more or less a good impression of the reality.

However when using the frontal mapping on the sky, the reflections not only show up on the shiny glass, but also on the window frame (which is a relatively matte <> satinated material) as shown in the printscreen image below. Also when making it really matte material teh sharp reflections stay

Am I doing something wrong or is there another way/workaround to do this besides using a very large plane object.

Thanks, Koen

Sky/environment can only have spherical mapping. All other mapping will give you incorrect results. If you don't have spherical photo for the reflections, then try to use reflection cards with disabled GI contribution.

Thank you for your response Romullus, but I must say I disagree...
it is crucially important to support frontal mapping on the corona sky. Besides, it is listed in the dropdown options in the corona sky object, so it should work as expected.
As frontal background, it works just fine, it is just as seperate reflection that it is incorrect for reflections, if you see the results or explore the file, you should agree the result is not expected

Of course I wish I had availability for spherical 360° drone shots, it would simplify the entire project, but at this moment I don't have them or the extra budget.

I also thought about the plane as reflection, but it is pretty difficult to cover all reflective materials, because they are in different angles to the camera. The plane would be too large and thus cast unrealistic large scaled reflection
and also, I have 40 cameras for stills, so it would be a huge work to adapt the planes, and find the right size for every camera...


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