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Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-12-20) (

* Added
* Added Slicer material
* Dome mapping can now also be used in environment overrides in render settings
* Decal object can now fully replace bump mapping of original object
* Fixed
* Updated help page shown in Corona -> Help dialog
* Note that current help portal shows error when opened in some versions of Cinema 4D - we are working on fix for this
* Min level and water level are now correctly grayed out for vector displacement

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-01-10) (

* Added
* Added option to enable multiple randomization modes at once in Multi Shader and UVW Randomizer
* Fixed
* Improved checks when adding cap material in slicer material
* Fixed problem with "Resume from File" open dialog having CXRs grayed out on macOS
* Fixed problem with Include/Exclude mode in Corona Decal showing incorect default value in UI
* Fixed problem when re-exporting Corona proxy over already loaded proxy file would result in incorrect material information shown in proxy parameters
* Fixed problem with material not updating in IR when it is changed directly from render settings dialog
* Fixed issue where NaNs could appear when using black environment override or disabling "Visible in reflections" inside Corona Sky
* Fixed problem with Lightmix layers called R, G or B not being recognized as lightmix layer after export to Corona Image Editor

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-02-02) (

* Added
* Added Chaos Cosmos support
* Currently we don't support "Use triplanar mapping", we plan to fix this in following daily builds
* We are still working on improving the look of imported materials (some materials might e.g. import as too glossy)
* On Windows, Cosmos currently always open in external web browser (on macOS this can be configured at the top of Corona preferences)
* Added Cryptomatte support in multi-pass
* Render output needs to be saved in CXR format for Cryptomatte data to be correctly saved and usable in compositing software
* Added Curvature shader
* Corona proxy now supports VrMesh proxy files containing multiple objects
* Fixed
* Fixed problem with edge color level incorrectly allowing negative values

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-02-16) (

* Legacy Corona licensing replaced with Chaos licensing
* We are still in process of updating our systems for the new licensing. It should already work for the majority of our users and we wanted to publish this build so that you can see the new licensing and check the new features, but you might want to wait with the update if you have any open projects
* This is the same licensing mechanism that is used in V-Ray and other Chaos products
* The major difference from the legacy licensing is that you now always need to have the licensing server installed on at least one machine on your local network. Previously the Corona License Server was optional
* The server can be installed either on every machine using Corona or a single licensing server can be shared by multiple machines (e.g. central licensing server in an office).
* When launching Corona you will be prompted to open the licensing server to log in. By default it will take you to if you want to connect to a central server please follow the instructions below.
* One limitation of this system is that there is no autodiscovery of the licensing server. Unfortunately this limitation will stay for the v8 release, but we’re working on addressing this for the v9 release.
* Current limitations that will be fixed before the release:
* If you previously did not have the legacy licensing server installed and are doing the “upgrade” option in the installer, the licensing server will not be installed. You need to use the “custom” option and manually select the licensing server for installation.
* If you want to use a central licensing server, there is currently no way to specify its address in Corona UI. Possible workarounds are:
* Specify the licensing server address through the V-Ray "Change V-Ray client license settings" application which can be run through the start menu(all Chaos products share the same configuration).
* Manually specify the licensing server hostname and port in file C:\Program Files\Common Files\ChaosGroup\vrlclient.xml on Windows or /Users/<username>/.ChaosGroup/vrlclient.xml on macOS. If this file does not exist, you will have to create one. There is an example file attached which will need to be placed in the above location.
* It is not currently possible to activate a demo license.
* Any questions please either post in the following forum thread or contact our great support team here:
* Added Chaos scatter
* This is initial version of our new scattering tool integrated in C4D - expect more improvements, fixes and optimizations in next builds
* We are currently aware of an issue with IR when scattering bigger number of instances causes freezes (e.g. 100'000), it is adviced to test this initial version with lower amount of instances
* UI look updates
* Updated menu icons with higher resolution
* This may result in UI changes in case these are docked in a toolbar with "Original scale"; you can always change this to desired size through C4D interface
* Updated the look of our About dialog, including new logo
* Added menu icons for Decals, Cosmos Browser and Slicer material
* Slicer updates
* Disallow Slicer to be used as a cap material in another Slicer
* Fixed problem with Slicer UI showing incorrect default value for "Include children" checkbox
* Fixed problem with include/exclude list not accepting any links in Slicer material
* Fixed incorrect shading when slicer is used on SSS
* Cosmos updates
* Fixed import of layered materials in Cosmos (used e.g. in Motorcycle 011)
* Cosmos objects and lights are now imported under their asset name (instead of using default "Corona Proxy/Light" name)
* Added support for material imports with triplanar mapping
* General additions and fixes
* Added support for randomization by decals in multi-shader
* Added include options for caustics multi-pass
* Fixed crash when rendering some specific VDB files
* Corona Sky now partially supports RaySwitcher and Layered material
* Fixed incorrect Base Tail port label in node material editor
* Added color spread and distance shader parameters and informational tooltips to Curvature shader
* Fixed UHD/4K Cache flickering when rendering glossy physical material glass
* Fixed problems with disabling LUTs, IES profiles and Material library from installation with macOS installerWarning: This version does not support Mojave version of macOS, we are currently working on fixing this problem for future daily builds.

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Release Candidate 1) (

* Added configurable tone mapping pipeline
* The tonemapping pipeline is no longer fixed and is composed of multiple independent operators which can be added/removed/reordered in the VFB UI. Any operator can be added multiple times if needed/wanted (e.g. to apply multiple LUTs at the same time, or to save 3 LUTS in one set up to easily turn them on and off for different looks).
* The default pipeline in new scenes now contains only the most essential operators.
* Note that the operators are applied from top to bottom, the topmost operator is the first one to be applied to produce the tonemapped image.
* Added 3 new operators:
* Advanced Filmic operator - Similar to the legacy Filmic operator, but with more parameters for greated flexibility.
* Tone curve operator - enhances or suppresses colors based on their intensity (e.g. enhance shadows).
* ACES RRT (Reference Rendering Transform) operator - suppresses red colors and modifies glow and saturation to make the image a bit more film-like. The RRT operation is normally fixed in the ACES specification, but we have made it configurable for greater flexibility.
* There are also few presets to show how the tonemapping pipeline can be used to get some interesting results.
* This change makes the tonemapping much more flexible for you as the users as well as internally for us as programmers. This will allow us to easily add more different operators in future releases. Some functionality like bloom & glare or blurring/sharpening remains fixed for now, but will also be moved into the configurable pipeline as additional operators in the future.
* In legacy tonemapping when the tonemapping was disabled, the exposure was still applied. In the new tonemapping pipeline, the exposure operator is not special in any way, so if the tonemapping is disabled, the exposure will not be applied.
* Licensing
* Fixed problems with installation of license server on some macOS systems
* About dialog not longer shows error about missing license in case license is not needed
* On Windows, it is possible to configure different location of licensing server from Cinema 4D preferences
* The choice for activating interface license is no longer shown in TR client (where interface license is not needed)
* When updating from previous installation for the first time, you will be asked to review your choices in installer - make sure to install Licensing server unless you plan to have it running on different system.
* Chaos Cosmos
* Fixed problem with tree leaves being split in half
* Fixed problem with some materials being too glossy
* Fixed problem with some objects importing with some missing materials
* Fixed anisotropy values being set incorrectly on imported materials
* Fixed preview of imported Cosmos materials
* Cosmos objects are now imported with unit scale
* Material library
* Added 13 new Glass materials
* Added 33 new Nature materials
* Added 9 new Plastics materials
* Other fixes and changes
* Added "Batch load" option to Select shader (works the same as similar option in Multi shader)
* Converting Corona proxy to mesh now preserves materials and material selections
* Improved viewport preview of Corona proxy in full mesh preview mode with multiple materials attached
* Updated visuals in Corona installer
* Updated icons in Corona VFB - note that this is not the final look and will change before final release
* Fixed freeze when changing some scatter parameters in IR
* Fixed crash when using decals in combination with Corona proxy
* Fixed problem with some randomization modes in Multi shader not working correctly
* Fixed crash when loading some scenes saved in v7 daily builds
We will now focus on finding and fixing any bugs and problems until the final release of version 8, please let us know of any problems you find.


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