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Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D daily build - Changelog

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Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-08-16) (

* Fixed:
* Fixed conflict with some other renderers caused by usage of the same dependency libraries
* Fixed problem with Corona Bitmap not working with absolute paths in R14
* Fixed problem with material library download occasionally not starting when installing on macOS
Note: all changes in this build will be released in a v7 hotfix, so this is more of a hotfix preview than actual v8 daily build.

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-09-15) (

* Added:
* Added support for R25
* Added polygon mode to UVW Randomizer and Multi Shader
* Added support for vector displacement
* Added tail parameter to Physical material
* Controls the strength of reflection outside of the reflection peak
* See example images
* Corona node editor now supports drag&drop from new Cinema 4D Asset Browser
* Changed:
* Removed "Per-pixel TEA" random sampler
* Changed UI for setting render time limit in render settings to resolve problems in various C4D versions

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-10-29) (

* Added:
* Corona Sky now supports dome mapping
* Added include/exclude list to specify which object should (not) receive caustics. You can find it in the performance tab of render settings
* See example image
* Added OIDN feature pre-denoising (OIDN 1.4.0 new feature)
* See example image
* Added partial support for vrmesh proxy files
* Please note that the current implementation of our vrmesh loader is limited in a way that it can load only proxies containing a single mesh. This will be extended with full support later
* Fixed:
* Fixed bug when rendering gets extremely slow and memory consumption gets very high in some special cases by adding limit to the number of splits per path
* Fixed dark spots when lights are invisible to reflection
* Fixed occasional crash when rendering shader previews in Corona node material editor
* [REGRESSION] Fixed light leaks in UHD and 4K caches

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-11-10) (

* Added native support for Apple M1 processors
* supported for Cinema 4D S24 and R25
* provided installer installs universal version of Corona that can run both on Intel and M1 devices
* based on our tests, running native version results in 45-50% faster rendering compared to running under Rosetta
* in case Cinema 4D was previously set to run under Rosetta with previous versions of Corona, don't forget to disable Rosetta in Cinema 4D application properties
* Added blend and additive displacement handling into Layered material

Changes in Corona Renderer 8 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2021-12-03) (

* Added
* Added Corona Decal
* projects a selected texture/material on any geometry
* works even when layering multiple materials on single decal
* can be used with instances and multi-instances
* Fixed
* Improved performance when reading HDR images in Corona Bitmap
* Improved performance in IR in some scenes where IR was slower than normal rendering
* Fixed problems with crashing hair


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