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Issue: Interactive Render Constantly Refreshing!

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Does anyone know why interactive render refreshes by even changing any parameter inside the interactive window? I mean changing the tone mapping & LightMix parameters refreshes the render. It's really hard or sort of impossible to work this way. Is there any workaround for it?

Hi, to my knowledge, this shouldn't be happening. Can you tell me what version of Corona you are using? If it's an older version, can you test the latest V7 daily build and let us know if the problem remains?

Hi Beanzvision,
Thanks for your reply, I am using exactly that daily 7.0 latest version and I still have the same issue, is there any way to fix it? Any click on any item in Cinema 4D causes refreshing... 


does this happen in every scene or in one specific? What version of C4D are you using? What is your OS version?
All this information might help us identify the problem.


This happened to me, but in Max. It seems to only happen once or twice after updating to a daily (maybe 1 month ago) then it stopped happening completely and all worked as exptected...

Of course, I reported it first, then couldn't reproduce it *facepalm*


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