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Impressed with v7 Stability

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So far, I'm happy to say v7 latest daily build has been very stable for me. Even better is the performance of the Interactive Rendering feature. Even on this old Trashcan™ Mac Pro, I'm able to navigate my scene with pretty snappy updates in the IR window.

Now let's fix or add those features that have been lingering for ages so you can honestly call this a "new" version. Oh yeah, and the sample library and a full help system, and... Just trying to motivate. ;-)


Mac OS 10.15.7 Calatina, 2013 Mac "Pro", Cinema 4D r20


thank you for the kind words!
Don't worry, we're dutifully working on constantly improving Corona, and identifying and prioritizing fixes and/or features to bring to you guys.

Thanks again,

is the non 2,5 displacement options back in v7?

before that i cant use it (2.5 not works for me most time)


Hello Stefan,

we have disabled the old displacement system and replaced it with 2.5D and we have no intentions to bring the old system back in the future and instead focus on the new solution and fix it wherever necessary. If you're having significant issues with the 2.5, please, submit a bug report/create a bug report thread on the forums explaining your issue so that we can tackle it.


I'm pleased with v7 too!

What was the reason to disable the old displacement? I understand that it's easier for you to just improve the new displacement, but why not just leave the old as it is and mark it as experimental?
Anyway, not a big thing for me as the new one is quite stable. I'm just wondering :)

Another question - When will we get the new PBR material to play? Will you develop it first in Max and then later to c4d or can we expect it earlier?


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