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Tips for creating interactive model?


Hi all,

I've had a client request to produce a 3D model and interactive online viewing tool for it.

Something like this:

I've always known in the back of my mind this should be possible, but right now I'm at a blank as which software/plugins/tools or whatever, I should use to create such a feature...

Any leads?

Doesn't have to be photorealistic (ie; doesn't need Corona involved), but it'd be nice to have some control over the material/lighting.

Hmm, i maybe missing something but the model in your link is not interactive, or do you have in mind just an option to rotate the model freely and view it from all angles?

You're right. I didn't mean 'interactive' in terms of operating it beyond orbiting around the static model.

That being said, having the capability to somehow allow the user to 'animate' or 'switch states' or 'turn off layers' the model would also be a very handy feature.

Well, that's pretty easy, you either need to use 3D models hosting services like sketchfab, or convert the model to GLTF, GLB, USDZ formats on your own and view it locally on your PC.

Various configurators are also possible, but they are more complicated to set up - i have virtually zero knowledge about that.

Thanks mate.

Will probably post my results here for future reference


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