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Hi all,

we are releasing a daily build of the new version of Corona Renderer - Corona Renderer 7 for Cinema 4D. This build introduces support for Cinema 4D R23 released earlier this week and comes with experimental support of the new Scene Nodes system.

Scene Nodes introduced in R23 should now work with both standard and interactive rendering, note however that there are still some limitations to the IR support, for example when using Distribution operator.

Once we properly stabilize R23 support, we will also release update of version 6 that will add support for R23 as well.

Download link:


Very nice, thanks !!

Btw where is the portal material, has it moved ?


--- Quote from: haffy on 2020-09-12, 22:59:16 ---Btw where is the portal material, has it moved ?

--- End quote ---
Much better, it has been removed!
No need for it anymore.


That is good news :) Save time !

Hi guys, problems with corona bitmap about which I wrote more than a year ago ( are still present here((((.
- Speed problem without corona bitmap on dual cpu system (2x intel xeon`s).
- If you use corona bitmap with layer-transformations (zoom), then it changes in the viewport, but not in the render.
- If you use corona bitmap with triplanar, it changes in render, but not in the viewport.


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