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Corona Renderer 5 for Cinema 4D daily build

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TY for the info! Very strange, I'd try and uninstall and reinstall of Corona as a starting point.


--- Quote from: frv on 2019-09-09, 16:32:31 ---As I understand 4 will no longer recieve updates or R21 compatability.
So the wait is now for 5 first to be debuged and then prepared for R21. I see there are some issues still with 5 and I assume a R21 version is still a little further on the horizon than "soon".

--- End quote ---

Any official info on this? Will the first Corona Version for R21 be the V5?

No official info on that yet, sorry. We shall have to see as we finalize compatibility whether it will be possible to have that in Corona 4 or just in Corona 5 and onward.

minimaldesign - Bla┼ż:

--- Quote from: TomG on 2019-09-10, 17:56:16 ---So what does happen when you click and hold on that button? Nothing shows up or changes? Or something else?

--- End quote ---

Nothing shows up on the tabs that have always opened till now :)

Dang, I really thought R21 support for v4 was coming this week :(


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