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So I have this MaterialLibrary file from Corona c4d.  (July 15th download)  Looks like 1.3 gigs.  What directory do I store this in?  How to access from C4d?

Mine is currently stored at:  C:\Program Files\MAXON   Do I need to move it to my CINEMA 4D R20 folder?  It's not a .lib file.

Thanks!  I need to access tons of materials if they are there.

The Material Library doesn't work with Cinema 4D - and indeed it shouldn't be in the Corona for C4D installer. Did you run the Max installer at some point, or did you read an article about installing the material library offline and download it?

Thank you.  I thought it might be only for 3dsmax people.  And that's the case.  I have c4d.

Thanks again.

There always this site if you are looking for some good free materials. ;)


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