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Hi Forum!

I have a question. I am trying to map some displacement gold text on a wooden gun handle. The first one I did I really liked the texture fit (spherical) of the wood. Then I put together a layered version with the gold text on top but I don't like the mapping (flat) of the wood. Is there a way to combine spherical (for the wood) and flat (for the raised gold text) somehow in the layered material? Many Thanks :-) John

Hi johnnyswedish!

Try using the C4D projector shader... That lets you override the mapping. Tell us if you need more info!

Hi Houska,

Thanks for the prompt reply. How do I use the projection shader and were is it? 🤔👍 Thanks!

Hi Again,

I assume I insert it as a "effect-projector" between filter and diffuse (labeled in green). Should I do the same with texture, glossiness and bump (labeled in blue)? As soon as I start doing this C4D is crashing a lot as well. Is this a know bug? Thanks again 🙏😎 John.

Hi again,

Got it to work but I am trying to pipe the other channels (texture, gloss and bump) and get constant crashes. I have supplied bug report as well. John 👍


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