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How to bake the displacement object?


Hi! I have a ski-hill made out of black&white image by making a displacement map with corona material.

Now I need to bake it, so I can further develope it. Like boolean and smoothing..
How to bake the displacement object?

3ds Max has displace modifier, which lets you displace real geometry. Not sure if C4D has something similar. But there is a trick in Corona - clean your scene from all unnecessary objects, leave only the plane with Corona material and displacement map plugged in. Export scene to standalone and it will save displaced geometry as proxy file. Now, you only have to load that proxy in your scene and convert it into mesh object. It works well in 3ds Max, hopefully it works in C4D too.

Well, we don't support baking to mesh functionality in the Corona Proxy so far. But it's something that we'd like to add for sure!

There is a displacer in "deformers" that does exactly what you want.

Great! I used the  displacer in "deformers" at it was perfect!

Now I have a new little problem.. I made boolean object and cropped the part of hill we work on. But now I have there a huge texture that is overlapping the cropped object. You know the part of the hill I deleted. It is naturally invisible but it slows down this object ( am I going to export it to webpage in the end).

How could I "bake" the texture to a new material & texture that has not the ex-boolean parts on it?



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