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Nube architetture:
hey everyone,
I would like have an advice about a topic that really struggle me.
I'm looking for the realism in architecture visualization but i cant't reach it. I Know that it isn't only a question of chose the right set up of lights, matherials but also good composting and good color grading.

i post this two images just for and external point of view and maybe have some advises.

In conclusion, don't you think that 3ds + corona is more precise than c4d + corona ?
Is It just my opinion ?
I mean is very hard find out good images with c4d corona...or it has just less users... :)

thanks in advance


Nube Architetture

Nube architetture:
Sorry That is the second one

Because it has less users. In terms of quality, have used nothing but C4D and Corona for some years now.

Hey Nube,

always an interesting topic "what makes renders look real" ?

From my personal experience:

1. lighting, lighting and again lighting.
    "A bad photographer cares for his gear, a mediocre one for the motives, and talented ones care for the light"... :)

    Be aware... in beautiful and natural lighting, even an empty room will look great and will have ATMOSPHERE.

    daylight is not generic, like the sky & sun system in 3D-softs ( they are okay for some purposes)
    daylight reflects colorful light from blue sky, orange sun, green grass & tress, etc... so, use HDRs !

2. physically plausible materials (IOR, gloss, etc. )
3. objects that are according to real world ( size, proportion, details, etc)

4. avoid "perfection" - means: in reality NOTHING is really perfectly clean, straight, etc.
    apply imperfections and variations in reflection especially on floors, furniture surfaces, glass, etc.
5. don´t exaggerate with contrasts but also avoid a "grayish" light & color mood.
   try to make it look like we see reality... not over-artistic and with those typical Arch-Vis dramatic moods that looks like total composting... except your client likes it... or you simply want this mood... :)

Of course, if the render engine doesn't calculate a natural lighting... it´s bad.
But Corona really DOES calculate a very natural light behavior.

Regarding your question about 3DMax and C4D....
As a C4D user... especially during the pre-release phase of Corona for C4D, I noticed big differences in light calculation compared to Max.
But meanwhile... I would say they are minimal.

Hey TomG,

also AngeloFerretti´s works in C4D & Corona look really great... in my opinion.


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