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Deformer does not work ... and work .... and work not?


I am currently building a display for a customer.
From the punching data I created the original shape with Extrude and folded it with a bending deformer. Before the print with "area" mapping and the C4D tag "fixation" provided. Now it is so that this works in the preview and only when rendering itself sometimes not and sometimes already. Do you have a hint?
Convert everything and use with UVW?
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Perhaps some screenshots might help in this case also?

sure... had a call and forgot them to post... my fault

I solved the problem by converting the Extrude and then using UVW mapping. In UV mode I used a surface mapping. Then it works. But it's a bit awkward if you can't use the original Extrude. If the path changes, you don't have to rebuild everything.


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