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Displacement doesn't work

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Hi Folks,

I want to use a discplacement texture only in the red circle of the picture. The displacement is made with noise and I don't know why - it doesn't work.
If I use the discplacement texture only - it works. I have no idea how to manage it :(

Do you can give me some hints?

Thx a lot

right now displacement is only taken from first material (i.e. gray material in your scene), but we are already working on displacement improvements so this should be possible in one of next daily builds.

Do you have an idea how could I manage this?

For now, until changes and improvements, merge the displacement maps themselves in some way (there would be lots of ways), and then put that merged map into a single material - you could do a similar thing with the other material channels, merging maps and feeding those into Diffuse, Reflect, Glossiness, etc. and then you don't have to use a layered material. Another thought is where you can get by using Bump instead of Displacement, as Bump should layer just fine.


--- Quote from: yushi76 on 2019-03-18, 16:17:11 ---Do you have an idea how could I manage this?

--- End quote ---
hmm you could model that red patch and treat is a s a single mesh and attach that material. have you tried selection tags? i dont see any. have you used the opacity slot? hard to judge with no scene file.

ps: why do i always have to vefiry myself before writing a post -.- mmmmmmh this is silly


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