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--- Quote from: romullus on 2019-10-11, 11:34:40 ---Absolutely, everyone are free to discuss about software and other things in the forum, but please try to express yourself without offending others. I'm getting tired of reports where people complains about your posts.

--- End quote ---

You are getting tired?

I have not been posting anything since months here - and 98 % of my posts are polite.
Your depiction sounds as if I was a notorious grumbler - and that is just not fair... especially since I am one of the guys who put quite some time in analyzing Corona bugs, sharing the experience and solutions with other users.

Great, just try to work on those remaining 2% and everything will be perfect. I think it's time to wrap up this discussion. If you have some thoughts about my moderation, feel free to reach me privately, but lets leave this topic free of garbage talks.


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