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Hi all,

We are releasing the first daily build of Corona Renderer 4 for Cinema 4D. This build contains some convenience fixes to the Corona Renderer 3 for C4D Hotfix 1, but the changes in the code were a little too big and dangerous for a hotfix release. We will eventually include these changes in the Corona Renderer 3 for C4D Hotfix 2 release, but only after they have been thoroughly tested in this daily build. Enjoy! :-)

Download link:


Thanks for Corona 4.

Where I can find the new feature list of Corona 4 which are added and which will be added same as 3D Max....?


If a feature from Corona 4 for 3ds Max was enabled in the Corona 4 for C4D daily build, it would be mentioned in the C4D daily build changelog :)

EDIT - for "will be added", the roadmap remains the best place for that.

Sure, I gone through the changelog and roadmap but not much detailed given whats new in corona 4 specially the "Implementation of missing features of 3ds Max plugins" whats are these....?

And this Beta is full functional for all users till its final release....? 


Hi Imran!

Yes, the plans are currently a bit vague, but you can rest assured that any feature that appears in 3DSMax will eventually appear in the C4D version, if it makes sense and if there are no serious technological barriers.


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