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Hi all,

We are releasing the first daily build of Corona Renderer 3 for Cinema 4D. There will not be many of them, release candidates are coming soon.

Download link:


Awesome!! Just messing around super quick. Went to render using Interactive, and this error popped up. I don't have AI Denoiser active either:

===== Error(-18) =====
Internal error in NVIDIA AI Denoiser. Please report this to Corona support with this info:

Error encountered during denoising.
Unknown error (Details: Function "_rtCommandListExecute" caught exception: Failed to launch DLDenoiser post-processing stage. DLDenoiser run method failed with error -29.)

When i try to use the AI denoiser i also get a error

===== Error(-18) =====
Failed to initialize NVIDIA AI denoiser: Unable to load required DLLs. Please make sure that the the NVIDIA AI denoiser Corona component is correctly installed.
Missing DLL: optix.51.dll

My gpu is a GTX 1070. Not sure if this is the problem or not?

Also, just throwing this out there since you guys have implemented more Hair features... What's the possibility of supporting the C4D Grass shader? I'm pretty sure it's essentially a simplified version of C4D's hair system. And I know you guys just wanna get this renderer released, so not a huge deal. Sorry if you hate my guts lol.

Shawn Astrom:

Looks like the new displacement has been implemented as well!?

Thanks guys!!!

- Shawn


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