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Stopping the Corona for Sketchup project

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--- Quote from: PROH on 2018-02-06, 00:01:31 ---That's really bad news :( :( :(

Can we still use the plugin as it is?

--- End quote ---
yes, we will hold the current state of the plugin as long as it is not technical burden for us

BTW there are some options that might happen in the future, like unified API for Corona and Vray, or universal export format, that would allow you to use the renderers interchangeably. These are long term topics to investigate, nothing for the next year or so

However, I think that as a quality of the Corona renderings it is superior to vray

There is always subtle differences in each render engine system that Corona address.
Hope that will be incorporated in vray for sketchup rather than totally abandoning the development.

Anyway, it is a sad news.

bad news..
do you plan to make corona renderer for revit?


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