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Stopping the Corona for Sketchup project

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Was affraid this was going to happen after Chaos picked up Corona. The shelving of project begins. Like i said in past posts, this was a competition grab of Corona not a technologies grab. Vray and Corona will never play nice together so one will eventually have to go, and sad part is Corona is the better product.

No need for conspiracy theories :) The decision to stop developing this plugin was made in Prague/Prostejov, not in Sofia.

As you may know we were struggling with hiring difficulties and the SketchUp plugin was not actively developed for almost two years now. While we're still trying to hire new people (semi-successfully now), we have decided to focus on different projects which will bring more benefit to our existing users.


--- Quote from: Rhodesy on 2018-03-20, 10:10:22 ---Im a Sketchup user and import in to C4D. Its annoying having to go from one program to the next but .obj works well. C4D gives you more scope for adding high poly objects and animation capabilities.

--- End quote ---

After being in involved in the Corona SketchUp beta testing and having to give up on that, I have been using Vray with SketchUp for about a year and a half.  I saw some Cinema 4D/Corona renderings recently on CGArchitect that looked great.  So it's good to see this note of yours where you say you import your SketchUp into Cinema.  Maybe I will try that. 

and Corona for Rhino?


--- Quote from: syl1130 on 2021-12-23, 06:31:00 ---and Corona for Rhino?

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There are no current plans to develop Corona for any hosts other than the current two of Cinema 4D and 3ds Max, sorry.


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