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Stopping the Corona for Sketchup project

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today, we unfortunately have to announce stopping the Corona for Sketchup project, as announced here:
To put it simply, we found out plugin development is much harder than we originally anticipated, and we had developers come and go off the project before significant progress was made. VRay for Sketchup made enough progress in the meantime that we can now offer it to everyone wanting easy and full-featured photorealistic rendering in sketchup. We will focus on Corona for 3ds Max, Corona for C4D, Corona Standalone, and Corona Scatter development instead

I am desperate :(

This is just too bad, i think the way corona is handling lighting and materials would be much better than vray in a well design interface for the sketchup environment...

That's really bad news :( :( :(

Can we still use the plugin as it is?

would have been enough still some options for the materials editor and the possibility of inserting artificial light sources and the plugin would become competitive!


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