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Greetings to all.
By working with this file it happens to me that the Corona does not recognize the materials.
In the scene there are many materials, but none of them is recognized.

Hi, thanks for reporting this bug. Could you please send us the scene for testing?

how can I send? the file is 200 megabytes.

I think that's the problem right there... 200Mb for texturing is not the way to go - keep your texture map sizes efficient and manageable, nothing more than 500kb in Sketchup, anything more renders the texture unusable.
Most of what I do for architecture rarely ends up more than 20Mb in SKP file size. For Interiors it rarely goes beyond 10Mb.

Twilight and Thea Render render smoothly and accept large texture, even the Corona, in my opinion, you should be able to handle large textures.


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