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Hi all,

We are releasing first daily build of Corona for Cinema 4D Beta 1. This is a daily build so some parts of the plugin are not finished yet, it can be unstable and there is probably a lot of bugs. Update to the new core and complete UI review and rework took much more time than we expected but we would like to show you that development of the plugin keeps going. The work on interactive rewrite is still in progress thus it is not part of this daily build, but there are plenty of other changes, here is the list:

Update to new Corona core (1.6 daily build).

Completly reviewed and improved all parts of UI:

Corona menu: reorganizations.
Render settings: light material can be used as environment map now, primary and secondary solver settings replaced with GI mode.
Preferences: moved VFB settings from render settings, added new configurations.
Picture Viewer: added buttons for saving and resuming the render to/from exr file (also in VFB)
Materials: removed brightness, added level, other changes.
Tags: improved UI of compositing tag.

Other changes:

Automatic conversion of Cinema4D materials to Corona materials before render.
Added missing multipass elements (virtual beauty, bloom and glare etc).
Added missing features to Corona Output Shader
Added Corona ColorMix shader
Added more controls to postprocessing panel.
Added new icons.
Improvements in preview rendering.
Improved multipass dialog.
Improved synchronization of values with postprocessing panel.
macOS installer detects also Cinema Demo now.

Changes from A6.1: fixed conflicts between Corona for C4D and V-Ray for C4D plugins.
Changes from A6.2: fixed "Shaking camera" bug, problems with artifacts in displacement, resuming of rendering in Corona VFB when using the scene with UHD cache enabled.
Changes from A6.3: fixed problems with normal map strength settings, problems with normal maps when projection other than UVW mapping was used and various other issues connected to normals, not working motion blur when command line render is used and crashing of Corona when displacement was used mainly for bigger scenes.

Download link:

Nice :)
tho folder seems to be empty, maybe am too early - will check again later


--- Quote from: burnin on 2017-04-01, 00:32:51 ---Nice :)
tho folder seems to be empty, maybe am too early - will check again later

--- End quote ---
Some compilation problems with older versions (again) ;-)

Good work guys !

Thanks. What about the activation of the beta? Need to buy a licence?


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