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Issue with Skatter


Windows 7, SU2016, Corona 160822, Skatter 1.1.2

Nested components don't work when using Skatter "Render only".

Let's say I have a component called inner_comp nested inside another one called outer_comp. In Skatter I pick outer_comp and scatters it on a surface, I generate using "Render only".
inner_comp is not rendered. If I explode it so that its geometry now lies directly into outer_comp, then the geometry is rendered.

My understanding is that only the geometry direclty inside "rendered only" components is rendered, but not nested components/groups.

Here is a video and the skp file.

the same happens to me

Could you please file bug report on Mantis ( with testing scene attached?

Oh, sorry, I didn't notice you already attached testing scene. I'll transfer it to Mantis myself, so that I won't forget about it. Thanks

Same here, neither does skatter's nor laubwerk geometry working on corona (either interactive or production render), I'll attack screenshots and also summiting to mantis.

Laubwerk's only displays the "proxy" geometry.


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