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Old Sketchup file rendered with missing colors and materials

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After updating to the new updated plugin, my old files never rendered correctly with colors and materials that are applied on it.
Old plugin rendered it correctly in press of a button, now is become white even if materials and colors appears in material editor.

Anyone with the same situation?

Try to assign materials to the surface, and dont assign materials to groups and components

3 ways to apply materials when one is using Sketchup and what you have done
using surface is one of it. It may be faster workflow for anyone but I prefered grouping first then apply materials.

What I am actually expecting for corona plugin to support all mapping workflow whether by
1. Surface or single face material assignment
2. Grouped faces material assignment or component with materials
3. Imported models with assigned materials or proxy objects

In my test, previous plugin autodetect materials and it renders without tweaking.
Now, autodetect is not working as I can see that materials are even applied to surfaces and grouped object.

Even the transsparent glass become opaque which is previously rendered transparent though no reflection nor refraction effect.

Yeah, there is a bug causing materials applied to groups/components not being used for rendering. This is already fixed in my internal build and I'll do a new release as soon as I have time for it.

Thanks Ryuu,

Looking forward to that. Corona for Sketchup is getting more awesome!


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