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Camera Clipping for SketchUp

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The is one huge advantage in 3dsmax(as opposed to Sketchup). It is a camera clipping. And this is very, VERY, important feature for interior visualizations! There is no point to port Corona for sketchup without it, because many users will continued to use MAX for serious projects.

you can do that with the section tool native to sketchup.


--- Quote ---you can do that with the section tool native to sketchup.
--- End quote ---
unfortunately its not work for rendering

hmm.. then it's probably a good feature request to look at (with section faces filled in of course).

I have requested the same feature via email - but wanted to add to the thread here: it would be good to render the section with geometry cut away AND have the choice of casting shadows or not casting shadows from the cut-away geometry (and lights etc active/not active). I have never seen this choice in other SKP render engines. Would be very useful for architectural scenes/diagrams/sun studies.


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