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Dark warehouse appartement



New to this forum. I started with Corona renderer in January and loving it so far. (i worked with Vray for a long time before switching to Corona.)

I created these images as a practice project to see how an interior with mostly dark colors would work. I think it turned out pretty good. Most furniture models are from 3dsky and Evermotion, the shaded lamps i found on this forum in the 'free' section. along with some decoration models. The warehouse loft was made by me.

I get a lot of inspiration from the gallery and hope i can give some back this way.

Nice work Erik, first time I've seen a fellow Dutchmen on this forum (je benamingen van de renders :-)
Looks to me your floor displacement could use a bit more subdivision to smooth out the edges.


I didn't change the filenames to english, so yeah i am dutch (could have been from belgium too though).

You are right about the displacement, in the first render this is more visible than in the others. I forgot to rerender that image. The bedroom image also could do a bit better, but the rest of the images are ok i think.


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