Author Topic: Corona Proxies - Are they worth using in c4d?  (Read 1106 times)

2020-04-22, 12:53:43


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Just reading this article on proxies. I always had trouble getting them to work, but i see you need to put the texture tags from the original model on to the proxy for it to show materials! A little different to 3ds Max.

However, they mention in the last paragraph that :

"Nevertheless there’s still a big drawback when using corona proxies in cinema 4d being that the visor of Cinema 4D becomes very slow while working with proxies using any display modes of the proxies. We actually don’t know if it’s a Corona performance issue or a problem native of Cinema 4D which is not yet able to handle the proxies. We hope that Corona or Maxon developers work together to solve this inconvenience soon!"

I remember when i used 3ds Max, the huge benefit proxies had on Chunky scenes. I was just wondering if the dev's got to the bottom of this?

2020-04-22, 14:49:16
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Hi Chris!

We've since the time of that post spent some time fixing the issues with Proxies, so there are good chances that the situation is now much better. For one, we fixed the responsiveness of the UI when using larger numbers of Proxies. I can only suggest you try the Proxies again and see if they work to your liking now.