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[Solved] Convert to max geometry isn't 100% accurate


Hi, i'm often experiencing that convert to geometry, if I have scatters with a few parameters and scattered on complex shapes (not primitives), doe not end up at the same place as they are in the corona scatter. This is a bit problematic because you cannot just turn the scatter into a single mesh currently.

I can give you a scene if you are not able to reproduce.

PS! It would also be great to be able to convert the entire scatter into a single shape, because its a handy tool for making various things that you need to export in a game engine.

Hello Joachim,

As for now - I did a quick test and everything works as expected, so please submit the scene to us:

Hi I just sent a scene through a support ticket, and if I reset xform on the model it worked, so that was the problem. I need to be more careful on that then in the future :)

Aram Avetisyan:

Yes, the case was handled in the ticket. Resetting XForm is essential for accurate geometry conversion.
I will mark the case as solved.


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